A comprehensive approach to physical risk assessment

CRIS is an innovative method for financial players, which aims to assess and prioritize all physical risks for corporate, infrastructure and sovereign investment portfolios.

A user-oriented approach

CRIS provides comprehensive and easily understandable information, by producing multiple indicators in the form of risk ratings, including: multi-hazard ratings, ratings by hazard or even ratings by scenario and time horizon.

A scientific and bottom-up approach to risk analysis

To assess the physical risks, CRIS combines financial data on a company’s activities (bottom-up) with scientific data on climate hazard projections and the changes in sectoral and sovereign vulnerabilities.

How CRIS helps you
assess physical risks

CRIS integrates the economic and geographical data related to your underlying assets and combines them with climate hazard projections and sector-specific vulnerability profiles in order to derive a company-level risk rating. This is then aggregated at the portfolio level.


direct climate hazards studied


listed issuers covered by early 2018


countries covered in the sovereign analysis

Why analyze physical risks for financial players

As a result of global warming, risks will intensify, leading to the direct effect of increased damage to corporate assets. These impacts can eventually weaken their financial performance and possibly reduce the value of financial portfolios.

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Press review

Carbone 4 propose une notation du risque physique par secteur et pays

9 Novembre 2017


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