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Carbone 4

Carbone 4,
a consulting firm specialized
in climate issues for 10 years

Founded in 2007 by two experts on energy-climate issues, Jean-Marc Jancovici and Alain Grandjean, Carbone 4 is the leading French independent consulting firm specialized in low-carbon strategy and adaptation to climate change, accompanying the public and private economic players thanks to its expertise.

Convinced that anticipating the climate constraint is the best possible option, Carbone 4 supports its clients by transforming this constraint into a remarkable accelerator of innovation, a factor of commercial differentiation and an element of motivation for the teams.

Jean-Marc Jancovici

Alain Grandjean

“Since its conception, Carbone 4 has always been convinced that corporate shareholders have a key role to play in setting the business strategy in line with an overall objective of decarbonizing the economy.


Our first collaboration in the financial sphere 10 years ago was with the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), developing carbon footprints of projects. This collaboration has been followed by many others, including with investors, asset managers, funds and others, which today enable Carbone 4 to claim the most complete offer in terms of carbon analysis of portfolios.”


Jean-Marc Jancovici and Alain Grandjean – Carbone 4 Associates

Our main services

As the analysis of climate change issues has been at the heart of its business since its creation, the Carbone 4 team has developed an expertise that has set new standards in the field of risk analysis, the development of innovative methods and support for low-carbon, climate-resilient economies.

Carbon footprint
and reporting practices 

Low carbon

scenarios and market studies

Climate impact
of portfolios

Climate change risks and adaptation

Training, seminars and conferences

“In order to fully cover climate risks for an investor, Carbone 4 lacked physical risk analysis.


With the development of CRIS, Carbone 4 is able to claim pioneering expertise in this area, and will become the first company in the world to cover all of the approaches that are mentioned in Mark Carney’s speeches on the possible threats of climate change to financial stability.
We hope that this project will enable the French financial sphere to take the lead in global competition, on a subject that will only increase in importance in the coming decades.”


Jean-Marc Jancovici and Alain Grandjean – Carbone 4 Associates

Our two main approaches for the financial sector

Carbone 4 has developed two main methodologies specifically designed for financial players:

  • Carbon Impact Analytics (C. I. A.) analyzes carbon footprints of investment portfolios and the associated transition risks (Discover our guide méthodologique)
  • Climate Risk Impact Screening (C. R. I. S.) analyzes the potential impacts of climate change on financial portfolios and associated physical risks (see our methodological guide).


Contact Carbone 4 pour CRIS :

Violaine Lepousez ; violaine.lepousez@carbone4.com

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